BRCGS Validation and Verification.

BRCGS Validation and Verification.

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ستزود هذه الدورة المتدربين فهم شامل للمصادقة والتحقق حتى يعرفوا مستوى التفاصيل المطلوبة لكل عملية ويكونون قادرين على استخدام المصادقة والتحقق في الممارسة العملية.

Who Should Attend: Consultants/Auditors/Quality and safety management staff at manufacturing, storage and distribution and retail sites and BRCGS Professionals.

Assessment: Course assignment – Validation & verification; Pass mark 75%.

Course Summary: This course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of validation and verification so they know the level of detail required for each process and are able to use validation and verification in practice. This is especially helpful when implementing some of the requirements in the BRCGS Standards.

Key learning objectives :

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

• Define and understand the terms validation and verification

• Understand the level of detail required for each process

• Use validation and verification in practice

• Appreciate how validation and verification relate to conformance to the Standard